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WikiLeaks: Global extinction in 20 years as magnetic north heads towards the equator

A recent WikiLeaks leak showed an interesting mailthat John Podesta, the manager of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, received from Ken Coffin, a member of a secret Canadian organization who claims that we will be wiped away from Earth in about 20 years due to the displacement of the Magnetic North Pole! Interestingly enough, some scientists claim that the Earth’s magnetic field could indeed flip during our lifetime, which may confirm Coffin’s claims.

Experts say that the position of the South Pole has shifted and is now travelling through the Arctic ocean. Our planet’s magnetic field are collapsing and it could spell doom for humanity soon. Coffin elaborated on this and said that we’re facing major catastrophic events soon. “I represent a Canadian organization that doesn’t exist that looks like DARPA, but works with the government to pursue positive growth business,” he wrote. “Our interests lie in the contribution to the positive growth of humanity. We think that we can make the world better, happier and more peaceful. But we can’t do that if we are about to see a mass extinction event occur. With the magnetic north pole moving towards the equator, we need help. Magnetic North now over Siberia. In 10 years, it will be over the black sea. In 20 years, it will be over Indonesia.”

DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense which develops new technology for the military and promotes national security.

Experts have indeed confirmed that the magnetic north pole is moving with a speed of 25 miles per year, which means that it could reach Asia in a couple of decades. This would flip the geomagnetic poles and cause unforeseen catastrophes. However, scientists are not expecting these events soon – they predict that they are more likely to happen for a few thousand years. Furthermore, they say that similar eventsalready happened in the past without any significant impact on humanity. Many people believe that the mail was a hoax as it mentioned “aliens” as well.  “I was curious as to why NASA is feeding the Canadian Space Agency with wrong or misinformation regarding certain anomaly scenarios that are occurring. Our intelligence is limited. Why are we being shut out and shut down? We require full disclosure of all alien contact and all treaties the US has agreed to with the aliens. We might have weak intelligence, but we have ascertained that we are food, labor, and resource generators for the alien overlords. Our information came from your own Department of Defense, casually and off the record by credible sources,” it was written in the mail.

“Now we want to know if we are going to be dealt a hand at the table or will we be left out like last time? We just need to know who and what we are dealing with. What are their intentions? Are they hostile? Can we stop them if necessary? What deals were cut? Our failed attempts at catching UFOs showed how weak we were. This is because we do not know what we are up against. We need more data.If we can find allies that can help we would welcome it. Or in 20 plus years we will all be dead anyway. If the US cut a deal, now would be a good time to start calling in favors,” Coffin wrote to Podesta.

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