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Watch Liberal Idiot Shia LaBeouf Get Arrested For Assaulting A Trump Supporter

Trump has been very clear about how his America would function. You do stupid, criminal stuff and you’re going to jail. It doesn’t matter who you are – a simple idiot from the suburbs or a big Hollywood star. Recently, one such star, the popular and controversial actor Shia LaBeouf got arrested for assaulting a Trump supporter. LaBeouf was very vocal against Trump and was seen at many anti-Trump rallies, screaming liberal nonsense at people who support the new American president.

His insanity and idiotic behavior recently reached a new high when he attacked a man supporting Trump for no reason. Just watch the video below – LaBeouf is the one with the red hat and beard.

As soon as the altercation took place, another Trump supported called the cops on Shia, who rightfully arrested him. This is one more proof that the liberals are not so liberal after all. Don’t be attracted to their chants – they are not so peaceful as they proclaim. This is liberalism now – mindless acts of violence from the people who voted for Hillary. Ask yourself – do you want to live in that America? We know we don’t. This is why our support goes to Trump, who knows what’s best for the country.

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