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Kim says: It’s Time For These Three Countries To Be Destroyed

Rodong Simnum, a North Korean newspaper that acts as the official newspaper of The Central Committee of the Worker’s Party Of Korea, recently wrote that there’s no foreign pressure which would force Pyongyang to stop North Korea’s missile and nuclear development program.

“No pressure will affect us,” it was written in the six-page article. “If the United States continues to ignore our sincere advice, self-protection of our republics will only strengthen,” the newspaper said.

Earlier this month, Pyongyang fired a missile over Japan 2000 km. east of Hokkaido, which the Japanese government saw as “unprecedented threat”. The rocket test comes after South Korea organized military tests in the Japanese Sea. Pyongyang has threatened the USA, South Korea and Japan for weeks now, which resulted in a new package of sanctions from the UN. It remains to be seen what’s the next move of American president Donald Trump, who hasn’t shied away from harsh comments on the situation.

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