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Video: FedEx Driver Takes On Entire Group Of Flag-Burners To Save Old Glory!

“When I see the flag, I see racial injustice,” said Paul Osgerby of Iowa City. “I see social injustice from Native American genocide to African-American slavery to failing to recognize women as citizens until the 20th century.”

Sentiments like this led to a series of flag burnings in Iowa yesterday. And the responses they have received, especially from this man, are pretty awe-inspiring. A group of flag-burners learned the hard way that they aren’t on the internet any more when a FedEx delivery man got out of his truck and extinguished their attempts to burn an American flag.

The driver Paul Osgerby  is being hailed a hero for standing up to these punks who wanted to burn the American flag.  Two of those involved have since been arrested for burning violations.A group of protesters had gathered on Thursday around noon in front of the pedestrian mall to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline and a number of other issues, according to KCRG.  Bystanders began recording the gathering as the group attempted to torch a few American flags.

A FedEx employee then jumped in and began extinguishing the flames with a fire extinguisher.  He saved the flags from being torched any further and told them if they don’t like the flag then get out!  The protesters said the act was done to fight fascism and one onlooker added that this was no way to build unity.
Police arrested 21-year-old Kelli Ebensberger of Iowa City and 23-year-old Paul Osgerby of Ames.  According to the police report, officers say they saw Osgerby setting fire to a U.S. flag Ebensberger was holding. The pair did not have the proper permit from the fire department for a fire.  Ebensberger and Osgerby are due in court February 23.

Twitter has since exploded with gratitude for the #FedExGuy

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