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Twin Flame Relationships: When the Magic Hits the Fan

The notion of twin flames has been intriguing for many people. Finding the right person to bring you to ecstasy is tempting and the highest reward we can expect for going through pain. If you’ve been in that kind of relationship, you know that it can turn your life upside down and bring up issues on the surface that have been dormant for a long time. This can improve your spiritual growth.

Many people don’t understand what a twin flame is. Most people evoke the perfect Hollywood image we have all been fed for most of our life. We can’t seem to escape the illusion due to all the songs and movies about romantic love, so when we meet someone, we have a deep, inseparable connection to them and expect a perfect life.

A twin flame is essentially a ying-yang balance for both partners. When they get together, it’s a difficult relationship with emotional roller coasters which can create havoc in their lives. This occurs as both partners need to work on them in order to find balance. The emotional pain of these relationships is often unbearable.

This is raw duality – you feel the highs and lows at the same time. Positive emotions often explode and go out of control, but they come with a price. The price is the inner cleaning you must endure in order to handle the relationship. Once the pain in these relationships appears, most people became depressed or suicidal. The partners who experience ecstasy along with the emotional upheaval can have a hard time detaching and staying away from each other, even for a short time. However, being together is almost impossible as they can’t get through the obstacles of their togetherness. The highs are too high, while the lows are too low.

This is the time when addictions kick in or new ones appear. You can’t sit still and can’t continue with your old life. Your performance at work drops, you don’t eat or sleep as much as you should… you may start looking for healers or psychics who may be able to help you. It’s literally like being hit by a train, and nothing helps. The hardest part of a twin flame relationship is finding healers or psychics who can navigate the lovers through the rocky connection, which only fuels the “hell on earth” experience.

Maybe you haven’t been on a spiritual path before, or you just weren’t devoted to it. Maybe you missed the call due to your everyday life. Whatever the reason, the pain caused by the heavenly and at the same time hellish relationship is difficult to bear. When the twin flame meteor hits, it affects your “old self”. This opportunity will help you become a more balanced person who can access his soul truth and live on the earth plane. This new path will lead to the highest joy in your life, a joy that came from servicing humanity by using your gifts in a balanced way.

However, you have no choice – your life is not in your hands anymore. Your “steering wheel” is managed by something greater than you, and it has no intention in telling you the destination. But, this power, this plan will take you to the highest joy that cannot be taken away by anything. Don’t try to fight the plan you can’t understand. Try to stay collected and don’t hit the brakes. Your twin flame came into your life as a wakeup call. You were destined to meet, and learned to rise above any obstacle to find the most profound expression of love the planet has seen.

When a twin flame couple has done their “homework”, their togetherness is an alchemist to the hearts of those they encounter. The union is not serving to fill a romantic illusion – it alchemizes and transforms lower energies based on go satisfaction blind to soul expansion. The couple is a team that transforms low feelings into love. They serve as an example to other couples which can learn how to align themselves and form a team they were destined to discover.

If you’re in the middle of a turmoil caused by a twin flame relationship, hang on tight. You are on the most unforgettable ride of your life, and you will be shown the way. Your inner compass will be pointing in the direction you need. It’s like a rebirth – if the flames of that hell don’t burn you down, you will rise and enjoy life in your own soul truth.

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