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What Trey Gowdy Just Got a Special Agent to Do Is BREATHTAKING … Obama Is SCREWED

Trey Gowdy, South Carolina Representative, has been working on calling out Former President Barack Obama for the deceitful criminal that he has proved himself to be. Over the eight years that Obama was in office he violated the Constitution and engaged in all kinds of illegal activity, that any average citizen would be publicly ridiculed and horribly punished for. Obama somehow always seemed to find an out for himself. This time, however, Gowdy is ready to do whatever it takes to hold Obama responsible for his wrong-doings.

Last week, Gowdy got one step closer to blowing Obama’s lid. He got an ATF specialist to acknowledge three secrets that Obama has been keeping from American citizens. This could be a huge break for all of us wanting to expose Obama for the felon he is.

Mad World News has publicized the fact that Gowdy was dealing with previous ATF Special Agent John Dodson. At the time, he was accompanied by the mother of a murdered Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. The information Gowdy was receiving imformation having to do with Obama’s secret operation “Fast and Furious.” This operation witnessed the ATF purposely provide guns to cartels. The guns were “tracked.” This illegal operation took Terry’s life, and Terry wanted everyone accountable, including Dodson, to be held responsible.

The video below shows Gowdy putting Dodson in a corner, which persuades him to give up information about Former President Obama that educated Americans have known for a long time.

We couldn’t make this crap up if we tried. The Obama administration literally provided criminals with weapons and money. There is something seriously wrong with the fact that Obama isn’t in jail right now. Let’s hope that Gowdy’s efforts to expose Obama for the crimes he has committed do not go unnoticed.

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