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Tonon diet: 10 kilograms less in only 2 weeks

If you want to lose 10 kilograms in only two weeks, we suggest that you try the Tonon diet.

The Tonon diet is a pretty rigorous diet which will give you the opportunity to lose ten kilograms in only fourteen days. The name of the diet derives from a hospital’s name, and the diet itself was invented by a French doctor.

This diet does not allow consumption of sugar and fat, and it is based mainly on meat meals. Just like any rigorous diet, this one is not recommended by doctors as well. You can feel a bit tired and fatigued while on this diet, and if you return to your previous dietary regimen after you finish this one, you can easily and quickly bring back the lost kilograms.

Do not continue with this dietary regimen for longer than two weeks, as you can damage your health. If you want to repeat it, you should wait for at least three months.

Day 1

Breakfast: a cup of coffee or tea without sugar

Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, cooked spinach

Dinner: a piece of lunchmeat, a portion of salad made of lettuce, celery, spiced with lemon and olive oil

Day 2

Breakfast: a cup of coffee or tea with milk, without sugar

Lunch: beef, lettuce and tomato without oil, and some fruit

Dinner: cooked ham

Day 3

Breakfast: a cup of coffee or tea without sugar, one small slice of integral bread

Lunch: two hard boiled eggs, lettuce and tomatoes without oil

Dinner: cooked ham, lettuce without oil

Day 4

Breakfast: a cup of coffee or tea without sugar, a small slice of integral bread

Lunch: one hard boiled egg, fresh carrot with some lemon juice, and a piece of cheese

Dinner: a glass of yogurt and a piece of fruit

Day 5

Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar, grated carrot with some lemon juice

Lunch: cooked fish, two tomatoes without oil

Dinner: beef and lettuce with some olive oil

Day 6

Breakfast: a cup of tea or coffee without sugar, a small slice of integral bread

Lunch: grilled chicken

Dinner: two hard boiled eggs and one fresh or cooked carrot

Day 7

Breakfast: a cup of coffee or tea, without sugar

Lunch: one big beef and some fruit of your choice

Dinner: eat something you like to eat, but in normal quantities. Remember that you are not allowed to drink alcohol

During the following seven days repeat the menu from the previous seven days. Once you finish this diet, you are not recommended to consume more than 1500 calories a day.

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