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Teacher Exposed Saying Sickening Prayer for LV Victims Barely Clinging to Life

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre late Sunday, many Americans came together to help out the victims in any way that they could.

Much of the country showed unity in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in American history, but tragically, some people continued to spout hate-filled rhetoric, BizPac Review reported.

One Twitter user who went by the username “Ann #TheResistance” took to social media right after the shooting and posted a sickening prayer that summed up her feelings quite well.

“Lots of white (President Donald) Trump supporters in Las Vegas at Route 21 watching Jason Aldean. Pray only trumptards died. #PrayForVegas,” she wrote in her tweet.

What a sad and sick individual. The people who were killed were husbands, wives, sons and daughters, but this miserable liberal couldn’t see past her own pettiness and hatred to realize that.

Instead all she could do was spout more hatred on a day that had already seen enough hate to last several lifetimes.

Soon after posting that sickening tweet, Ann’s account was either disabled or deleted. However a screenshot of it showed that in her bio she listed herself as a “Teacher, mother, sister, woman,” along with the phrase “Orange cheeto needs to go.”

Naturally, the media has barely given this, and the dozens of other similar nasty tweets, any mention. However if it was a white person saying that they hoped minority Obama supporters were killed, it would be headline news for days.

Twitchy noted that there were several similar nasty tweets about Las Vegas, from people claiming this was “karma for Puerto Rico” (as though Trump controlled hurricanes, too), to someone claiming that the shooter was a Trump supporter.

Luckily, some people were held accountable for their hatred in the aftermath of the shooting. Fox Newsreported that CBS immediately fired one of its lawyers who went on Facebook and stated that she didn’t feel sympathy for the shooting because most of the victims were probably Republican.

This shooting showed the worst of humanity, but it also showed the best. Yes, there were people who went on Twitter and said despicable things, but there were more people who did everything possible to help out.

We need to remember that there are plenty of good people out there and not get too bogged down by the truly sick and deprived individuals who tweet too much.

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