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Refugee terrorist who carried out attack in Canada was previously deported by the United States

Hasan Sharif Abdulahi, the Muslim immigrant who has been charged with an attack on a police officer and four other people, was supposed to be deported back to Somalia in 2011. A Canadian immigration judge ordered Abdulahi back to his country in July 2011, but he never got there. Instead, after his brief stay in the USA, Abdulahi rammed a car in a Canadian police officer and stabbed him before injuring 4 people and leading the cops on a high-speed chase which resulted in his apprehension.

Abdulahi failed to appear for his deportation hearing in 2012, and the authorities were unable to locate him. At the time, he had no criminal dossier.

Abdulahi lived in Canada legally since 2012 and has a refugee status. Last weekend, he drove a Chevy Malibu into Mike Chernyk a 48-year old cop who was also stabbed. After that, Abdulahi led the police on a high-speed chase which resulted in him injuring 4 other people with a truck while fleeing from the officers of law. The authorities found an ISIS flag in his car, which ties to the investigation launched against him in 2015 for supporting extremist views which was later stopped.

According to Edmonton PD spokesperson Scott Bardsley, ABdulahi entered Canada legally and gained the refugee status just last year. Bardsley said that there were no red flags when he entered the country. Abdulahi has a preliminary hearing on November 14 or even sooner if he can find a lawyer who would defend him.

Luckily, the police officer and the other 4 victims are expected to make a full recovery.

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