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Pedophile Brags About Killing ’25 Newborns A Night,’ Judge’s Sentence Makes It Worse

A 19-year-old who began accessing pornography online at the age of thirteen has been jailed following the discovery that he bragged about killing “25 newborns a night.” If that isn’t sickening enough, the judge’s weak sentence only made matters worse.

Alan Gray, 19, has pleaded guilty to a slew of offenses stemming from messages he exchanged online in which he fantasized about kidnapping, raping, and murdering babies. The teenager also made or accessed nearly 20,000 indecent images of children, some of whom were less than one-year-old, at his home in Greenock, Scotland.

“The narration of the images, in this case, is the worst I have ever heard,” said Sheriff Derek Hamilton. Gray’s own lawyer called his client’s crimes “abhorrent, brutal, and repugnant.”

Gray exchanged hideous text messages with another vile deviant where they discussed the most extreme sexual violence against “days old” babies. In one chilling message, Gray stated: “I’d rape 10-a-day ha ha.”

In another, he said: “I’d kill 25 newborns a night. No mercy.” A psychologist said he was virtually beyond rehabilitation because his “deeply disturbing” perversions are so entrenched. Social workers also found that Gray, of Greenock, was at high risk of reoffending. [Source: Daily Record]

Despite the abundance of evidence against Gray, his own admission of guilt, and the opinions of experts that he will most likely reoffend, he was handed a prison sentence of just a measly five years, after which time he will be supervised for another three.

Clearly, this is not an individual who should ever be allowed back into society.

Police who seized Gray’s computer found he had 19,884 images made up of 16,120 still pictures and 3,764 videos. These included 1,864 pictures and 2,254 moving images of category A abuse, the worst level. The age range of the children who were abused was less than a year to 12-years-old. [Source: Daily Mail]

This disturbing report highlights the dangers of pornography, especially when it is consumed at a very young age. Studies have shown that pornography affects the brain just like a drug; users become addicted and begin craving sexual acts which are more and more deviant. In fact, most of the world’s serial killers have one thing in a common — a violent pornography addiction.

There is no way of knowing whether Gray’s sick fantasies would have developed regardless of his involvement with the online pornography world, but it certainly provided him with an easily accessible avenue to bring his disgusting perversions to life.

Those who would argue that porn is “safe” and can be “enjoyed responsibly” are kidding themselves. There is nothing empowering about it, despite what the feminists will tell you.

ikewise, there is nothing normal about watching two strangers get it on. If that were “normal,” viewers wouldn’t hide behind a television screen. Make no mistake, pornography is dangerous, especially for those who already have deviant tendencies.

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