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Every doctor’s goal is “Primum non nocere”, which is, not harming your patient in the first place.

We all know that the synthetic antibiotics cause side effects that happen right after the use or some time after it, while nature’s gifts do not have side effects.

Studies have confirmed that in nature, there are plenty of products that have antibiotic effects. One of these products is propolis. It is a perfect ingredient that nourishes and cures the human body. Propolis has been traditionally used more than 2000 years. Historical records show that propolis has been important and highly appreciated product in the Egyptian, Babylonian, Arabic, Greek, Roman medicine, as well as in the medicine of numerous other ancient people.

Healing effects of propolis

Propolis owns its healing effects to the great content of flavonoids. Flavonoids are pigments found in fruits, vegetables, flowers, and tree rind. They have antioxidant properties, and their role is to protect the plants from the pathogens in the environment. Numerous flavonoids are found in propolis: quercitin, galangin, crizin, chempferol, apigenin, pinocembrin and pinobanxin.

Propolis is one of the wisest nature’s remedies that kill everything that harasses the healthy body. It maintains the healthy tissue and heals the unhealthy one at the same time.

Numerous researches have confirmed that propolis is natural anesthetic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antibiotic, and it fights the most viruses as well, including the flu. Moreover, it is a great means against fungi and parasites.

Propilis is extraordinary thanks to the fact that bacteria do not become resistant to it and to the fact that propolis does not have side effects when you use it, which is not the case with the synthetic antibiotics.

It is very efficient for treating ulcers, burns and stings. It is a well-known fact that propolis stimulates the formation of new cells and the regeneration of the damaged tissue. It is used for treating ear ailments and ailments of the mouth cavity. It has excellent results when it comes to treating and prevention of larynx inflammation. This ingredient relieves toothaches; it helps in treating paradentosis, bad breath, hemorrhoids, gastritis and urinary tract inflammation.


For preparation of this tincture, you will need propolis and alcohol. Use 96 percent alcohol, or even better, 76 percent ethyl alcohol, labeled to be appropriate for internal use.

Pour the propolis in a glass bottle and then add alcohol, in 1:2 ratio. Keep this solution in the bottle for 5-7 days and mix it three times a day. After that, filter the solution. You can consume 20-90 drops of the tincture on a daily basis, depending on the disease. Take the tincture between meals, with half a spoon of honey, warm water or tea.


Stomach/gastric pain: take 20-30 drops of diluted 30 percent alcohol tincture of propolis three times a day, before meals.

Calluses and bunions: apply a thick layer of propolis oil and then stick a plaster over it. Leave it overnight.

Bleeding: bleeding that comes from wounds and cuts can be quickly stopped with a piece of cotton soaked in proppolis drops.

Fungal skin diseases: apply some propolis cream, ointment or drops to the affected area couple of times a day.

Burns: take gauze, soak it in propolis ointment and place it on the burn area.

Psoriasis: consume internally 15 drops of propolis three times a day. At the same time, apply some propolis cream or ointment to the affected areas.

Hemorrhoids: use the propolis ointment topically, and propolis drops internally.

Troubles with the breathing pathways: make a chamomile or thyme tea. Add ten drops of propolis to the container with the hot tea. Cover your head with a towel and inhale. Repeat these inhalation treatments couple of times a day for five minutes.

Acne, ulcers, dermatitis, eczema: find a quality propolis cream or tincture and apply it to the affected areas several times a day.

Paradentosis: apply propolis drops to the inflamed gums three times a day. Every time before you start this treatment, wash your teeth well using a toothbrush.

Alopecia: dilute the propolis tincture with some warm water, in the ratio 1:5. Use this solution for massaging the scalp and rinsing your hair.

The propolis is abundant in biologically active substances necessary to each cell of our body, so we can rightly say that the propolis is an antibiotic that nurtures and heals.

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