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Mom Gives Son Gift After In-Home Sex-Ed Lesson, Viewers Cringe When They Look Inside

A mother of a thirteen-year-old boy was proud of a birthday gift she gave her teenage son after their in-home sex-ed lesson. However, when she posted the photo to social media, viewers were left cringing when they saw exactly what the mom had given to her own son.

As Zephy Mahlis’ son James gets older, she hopes he’s never afraid to come to her about anything that happens in his life – even if it’s uncomfortable. In an effort to drive her point home, she has already given him his own personal sex-ed lesson to “properly” educate him on his future sexual endeavors. However, viewers were left cringing once they saw what she decided to give her son as a birthday gift following their difficult discussion – a “Teenage Emergency Kit.”

Completely unaware of how her post would be received by others, Zephy decided to share the gift for her son on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group. Although many people have since praised the mother for her boldness, others disagree. Of course, it’s not the idea of the “Emergency Kit” that has people cringing, but rather, what she included within the gift that truly makes their skin crawl. The kit was stocked full of a range of items, including razors, gift vouchers, hair gel, and even cash. However, the one thing that has caused quite the uproar was a condom.

“I need to make sure that my son feels he can come to me about everything and anything with no judgment on my side,” she said, according to Daily Mail. “It’s vital to me to be connected with my teenage boy. I parent where I have to and I’m a friend when I need to be.”

Of course, she claims that she doesn’t see her son using condoms anytime soon but adds that she accepts that it will be an inevitable part of his life. She says that since they already have an open dialogue about sex and respecting women, she figured the condoms would make a good addition to the kit.

When asked, she admits that James reacted to the present positively by giving her a high-five and a hug, according to Mirror. She added, “Some might say, ‘he’s only 13,’ but I read stories of 13-year-olds having sex. It’s way too young, I don’t condone it, but we must get with the times.”

Clearly, the world we live in is much different than it used to be. Children are having sex younger and younger and exposing themselves to things they aren’t ready to experience. Parents should teach their children that sex is something that should be shared between a husband and wife – and no one else.

If they do make a mistake and go too far with someone, then it’s best they know how to properly protect themselves, and the only way they will truly be able to do that is if their parents took the time give them “the sex talk.” Still, there’s a difference between having a talk and condoning the behavior. Perhaps children are having sex younger and younger because certain parents, like Zephy, are giving them the idea that it’s okay when they are handing them condoms to use.

Parents want the best for their children, and having unprotected sex at a young age is something no Christian would condone. The reality is that there are pressures in this world that make young teens feel they have to have sex and that it’s no big deal, and when moms are handing their 13-year-old sons condoms, is it any wonder that today’s youth are starting to think that way? Honestly, it’s not the condom that makes us cringe, it’s the fact that society has pushed our children into thinking that sex is no big deal and you can do it with whoever, whenever you want. Maybe if more people were encouraging their kids to wait until they’re married to have sex, we wouldn’t see them having sex at younger and younger ages.

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