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Minute-By-Minute Guide Reveals What This Energy Drink REALLY Does To Your Body

Despite all the health warnings against Red Bull, millions of people still drink the popular energy drink on a daily basis. But, are you aware of the harm it’s doing to our bodies? Here’s a step-by-step guide of what happens in your body for a day after consuming a can of Red Bull. The chart is a courtesy of Personalise, a website which provides great insight into the dangers of energy drinks.


This data comes just weeks after a study found out that Red Bull and cocktails have the same effects as cocaine on a teenager’s brain. Similar to the drug, Red Bull can have a negative impact on your hormonal balance which can last into adulthood. Here’s what happens in your body after consuming a can of the popular energy drink:

After 10 minutes

The caffeine enters your bloodstream and increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

15-45 minutes afterwards

When you gulp a can of Red Bull quickly, you can expect increased alertness and focus for 15 minutes afterwards. Slow drinking of the energy drink will provide the same effects 40 minutes later.

30-50 minutes afterwards

The caffeine absorption in the body is over. This is when your pupils dilate and your blood pressure rises while your liver pumps more sugar into your bloodstream. At this moment, the adenosine receptors in your brain are blocked, which prevents drowsiness. The blood sugar spike causes an insulin burst in your blood. As a result, your liver turns any sugar in your bloodstream to fat.

1 hour afterwards

You are now experiencing a sugar crash, and, with the effects of caffeine wearing off, you will start feeling tired and your energy levels will drop. At this point, you probably urinated all the water that was in the drink, along with the essential nutrientsyour body requires to function properly.

5-6 hours afterwards

5-6 hours later, the caffeine in your body is reduced to a half. For women on the pill, this process lasts for 10 hours.

12 hours afterwards

In 12 hours, all the caffeine should be gone from your bloodstream, although the speed of the process is affected by numerous factors such as age or physical activity.

12-24 hours afterwards

This is when the withdrawal symptoms kick in, and you’re feeling like you need another drink. Once you become used to it and miss your daily fix, you will feel lethargic and distressed, just like in a case of drug withdrawal.

7-12 days afterwards

According to scientists, a week and more after gulping down a can of Red Bull, you become tolerant to regular caffeine dosage, which means that you won’t feel the effects of the energy drink much.

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