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Map shows where President Barack Obama dropped his 20,000 bombs!

The ex-president of the USA Barack Obama has carried out an incredible amount of air strikes in 2016. The new president Donald Trump said that he will destroy ISIS, but as the world prepares for another four years of violence in the Middle East, the media is suddenly interested in reflecting Obama’s tenure as president.

According to some figures, Barack Obama has upped the dropping of bombs on foreign countries in 2016 by 3000 air strikes more. The total number of American air strikes in 2016 now stands at 26 171. Here’s a map by Statista that shows where the bombs were dropped:

However, as the only reliable data comes from a few sources, and as multiple bombs are sometimes classed as a single strike, the data may be unreliable. The majority of confirmed bombings were carried out in Iraq and Syria, and the USA dropped the most (79%) of coalition bombs in 2016.

And, while the now ex-president Barack Obama reduced our troops’ presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, the air strikes increased during his tenure. He also expanded the use of drones to other countries. In the wake of Trump’s election, the value of arms companies soared. He promised extravagant military parades in the USA and like all Republicans, promised to build up the military.

However, it is Obama that leaves the White House having been at war longer than any other president and with the greatest number of bombs dropped on foreign countries.

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