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How To Listen To YouTube Videos In The Background On Your Smartphone

We can safely say that YouTube has become the internet’s TV – the media streaming service has become quite popular over the years, and it’s nearly impossible to go online and not to open it at least once a day. However, there’s one problem with it – the site doesn’t allow streaming in the background on smartphones, which means that you can’t listen to your favorite tunes while scrolling Twitter and Facebook at the same time unless you pay for YouTube Red. Bummer, right? Well, you’re in luck – we’re going to show you a simple way to do it!

The Telegram Android app can do everything the YouTube app can’t, including background streaming. The real fun starts when you minimize the app or lock your phone, and the music still goes in the background! The app can open up links from YouTube directly without redirecting you to another link, and you can use the trick to listen to your favorite music while scrolling your social feeds.

Newer smartphones such as LG V30 or Galaxy Note 8 have the ability of multitasking on the screen and allow having a YouTube tab open along with others. The Telegram app trick doesn’t work in iPhones, but you can use a third-party app like the Dolphin browser to open a YouTube link, then exit from it and continue the streaming on the iPhone Control Center. The same thing goes for Android users with Google Chrome installed – just open a YouTube link in the browser, then go out and continue the stream from the notification center. Of course, you’re allowed to open up as many new tabs as you like.

Here are a few tips for Android users:

  1. Open in Google Chrome
  2. Press the three-dot menu and select “Request desktop site”
  3. Navigate to the video you want to play and press “Play”
  4. If YouTube wants to send notifications, accept
  5. Exit Google Chrome and you can continue streaming from the notification center

iPhone users:

  1. Download the Dolphin browser on your device
  2. Go to
  3. Play the video you like
  4. Exit the Dolphin browser and continue streaming from the control center
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