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The Health Benefits of Eating Rose Apples

Before we start, we should first explain that the rose apple is neither rose nor an apple. Despite its name, this plant does not have anything to do with these two things, and it is actually closely related to the guava family. The Latin name of this plant is Syzgium jambos, and it originates from a shrub or small tree native to Southeast Asian countries. However, this plant was spread to other parts of the world about several hundreds years ago, and it was mainly used as an ornamental plant. The rose apple tree is invasive, meaning that it grows and multiplies pretty fast, overtaking other flowers and plants in the surrounding area.

This guava-like fruit is often mistaken for guava, even though it has different texture, taste, and aroma.

Rose apples can be consumed raw, just like apples, or in cooking, especially in the preparation of different hot desserts. There are no enough studies on the topic of the effectiveness of rose apples in medicine, but there are several health benefits that have always been linked to the consumption of this weird-looking fruit.

Rose Apples Nutrition Facts

  • diabetes Management and Control

The alkaloid jambosine has been proved to be efficient in regulation the conversion of starch into sugar. This is an important fact and it is pretty promising when it comes to discovering the ultimate treatment and prevention of type-2 diabetes.

  • Digestion

Rose apples contain high quantities of fiber – a substance that is great for controlling the passage of food along the digestive tract. Foods with high fiber content are known to ease common digestive problems such as constipation and gas. In conventional medicine, the seeds of the rose apples have been used for preventing diarrhea and dysentery.

  • Cancer Prevention

The active organic compounds that the rose apples contain are highly beneficial when it comes to prevention of the development of some types of cancer. If you combine these compounds with vitamins C and A, which are also present in this fruit, you will successfully prevent the abnormal growth of breast and prostate cancer.

  • Detoxifies the Liver and the Kidneys

If you want to get rid of the toxic substances and compounds from your kidneys and your body in general, you should utilize the rose apples and their benefits. The rose apples have excellent diuretic effects, used in decoctions for detoxification purposes. This fruit also boosts the metabolic activity and positively affects the general health and the function of the vital body organs as well.

  • Cholesterol Control

When you combine the high fiber content of rose apples with the rest of the nutrients it contains, you will considerably reduce the bad cholesterol levels. When your blood cholesterol levels are normalized, you are at low risk of developing cardiovascular disease like heart attack, coronary heart disease, and atherosclerosis.

  • Other uses

The current research studies on the topic of the medicinal benefits of rose apples show potential, because it was discovered that some compounds present in them can possibly help in preventing and treatment of symptoms connected to small pox, sore eyes, epileptic seizures, and joint inflammation.

If you want to use rose apples in your healthy diet, you should know that their seeds, stems, and certain cultivars are highly poisonous in nature and can even contain a little cyanide. Make sure that the rose apples you use are bought from trusted seller.

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