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Why You Should Eat Avocados Every Chance You Get

Everyone loves avocado and its taste, but still, some people avoid this fruit because it is filled with fat.

Yes, this fruit is fatty, but it is also delicious and can make you much healthier. Actually, people who consume avocados on a regular basis have a lower body mass index (BMI) compared to people who do not eat this fruit. Moreover, there are much more reasons for you to include this fruit to your everyday diet:

  1. Extremely nutritious: there are about 20 vitamins and minerals in one serving of avocado only. Here are the nutrients that you can typically get from avocado, based on the recommended daily values (RDV):
  • vitamin B6 – 26%
  • folate – 41%
  • vitamin K – 53 %
  • pantothenic acid – 28%
  • copper – 19%
  • potassium – 28%

Also, you can find 33% of RDV of vitamin C and 21% of RDV of vitamin E in avocados.

  1. Loaded with healthy fats: avocados are indeed full of fats, but this is no reason to panic or avoid avocados, as these fats are very good and beneficial for us and our health. This type of fat present in avocados, monounsaturated fat, can in fact lower the risk of heart attacks strokes by lowering the levels of blood cholesterol.
  2. Weight management: as surprising as this might sound to you, avocados can help in the regulation of fat, despite the fact that they are fatty. According to studies, consumption of half an avocado for lunch can aid you satisfy your food cravings and can help you feel fuller for longer time. This is especially beneficial for overweight people. If you were seeking for something to suppress the snacking cravings, your quest might end here.
  3. Diabetes prevention: if you eat avocados regularly, you can regulate the levels of blood sugar and thus reduce your risk of diabetes. A research has confirmed that consumption of half an avocado during lunchtime will not lead to changes in the blood sugar.
  4. Inflammation fighter: we all know that the cause of many chronic diseases is inflammation. If you consume avocados on daily basis you can help prevent allergies, asthma, and even degenerative diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart diseases. This effect is due to the presence of oleic acid in the avocado.
  5. Eye health protector: consumption of avocados is also beneficial for the eyes. Problems with the eyes, including cataract and vision loss are common in people, especially the ones that grow old. However, these problems can be easily combated by including avocados to your everyday diet. This fruit is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, substances known to support the health of the eyes for the long term.
  6. Improved nutrient absorption: avocados are beneficial as they promote the absorption of nutrients, including minerals and vitamins, especially the ones soluble in fat. This group includes vitamins A, E, K, and D, and some antioxidants, like lutein and beta-carotene.

Not only are avocados good because of the above-mentioned benefits, but they are also beneficial for your skin and hair care, as they improve their looks. Keeping all these benefits in mind, don’t you think that you should definitely start consuming avocados on a daily basis?

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