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The Democratic Party Is Dead

The Democratic party is falling apart from the inside out. This self-destruction is the result of the Democratic leaders assuming that the American people are stupid and will follow like sheep.

This misconception could not be further from the truth. The average American, which includes the half of America calling themselves Democrats, of which I know many, are fully aware of the deception, corruption, false narrative and wrong doing of the leaders of the Democratic party. Following purely via emotion, while ignoring facts and truth is growing very thin.

Yours truly was in a discussion this week where a woman made a comment that the ex-president was a very handsome man. I responded that he also was a very dishonest and manipulative man. Her instant response was, “You are a racist”. What does that have to do with the administrations corruption and dishonesty? Again, the response was, “YOU ARE A RACIST!”

Following the emotional premise of a “First black man for president” or following “First woman for president” will no longer off set the disclosure of hard proven facts reveling mass corruption, dishonesty, subterfuge, and outright criminal behavior. The Democratic party population is as intelligent as any other group of Americans and are seeing through this thin veil of hypocrisy and they too are getting tired of it.

The Democratic party is disintegrating into splinters without any leadership with integrity. This degradation began with the election of a fraud whose goals and ambitions was to take America down a one-way street to global government. As Clint Eastwood so aptly said “The greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people”. America is America. Democrat and Republican alike, and all other parties are made up of American people who wish for the best for this country. Hoping for peace, safety and the right to live without fear or oppression. The Democratic Party cannot survive until leadership with integrity, honesty and the best interest of America steps forward. Until then, the party is doomed to oblivion.

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