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Nettle grows throughout the entire planet and people have used it in both diet and medical purposes for centuries. It is very nutritious and it heals numerous issues. Moreover, it is one of the herbs that can serve as a remedy for almost all of your issues: from arthritis to bladder infections.

Cure for Arthritis

Nettle leaves can be used for treating pain and other symptoms of arthritis, gout, rheumatism and the like. Researches have revealed that people who suffer from lupus and other auto-immune ailments experience pain in the joints, so nettle tea and consuming nettle in the meals can be of great help and really relieving for these people. The nettle alkalizes the body and eliminates the uric acid from the joints, which leads to pain relief in people who suffer from gout.

Health benefits of nettle for women

Nettle contains really high amounts of iron, which makes it an excellent ingredient for fighting anemia and fatigue. It improves the health of the liver and the hormonal system in women. Pregnant women also benefit a lot from nettle consumption, as it protects them from bleeding and it strengthens the fetus. Also, nettle improves the process of milk production in women who breastfeed and it relieves the symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Herbal remedy against allergies

Nettle leaves can be used as an herbal treatment and a homeopathic remedy for relieving the symptoms of asthma, pollen fever, nettle rash and other types of allergic dermatitis.

Nettle for maintaining the health of the urinary tract

Nettle aids the function of the bladder and the urinary tract in general in both men and women. Nettle tea is great for increasing the frequency of urination, which is very helpful for “breaking down” kidney stones. Also, according to researches, this herb is very beneficial when it comes to reducing the size of the increased prostate.

Treating hair loss and skin conditions

Nettle tea relieves the symptoms of eczema and acne, it helps in removing warts (when used topically) and it relieves the itching and other symptoms of nettle rash. It works stimulating on the scalp when used for hair rinsing, and there are numerous studies that have shown that it helps in the process of hair regeneration and bringing back its natural color and shine. Furthermore, nettle tea is also efficient for getting rid of dandruff as well.


Nettle leaves are pretty efficient in relieving different digestion issues, like the gastro-esophagus reflux disorder (GERD), gasses, sickness, vomiting, colitis and celiac disease (intolerance of the body to gluten). Moreover, the healing effects nettle has on the mucous membrane makes it a highly efficient herbal treatment against laryngitis, swollen hemorrhoids, and nose bleeding.

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