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Charles Krauthammer, one of the leading conservatives and a respected political commentator has recently kicked the hornets’ nest. According to Krauthammer, the former American president Barack Obama lied to the public when he promised the “most transparent administration in history”, and he has the proof.

When talking about the alleged $400 million payment sent to Iran for the released prisoners, Krauthammer says that the money were shipped to Switzerland first, transformed to Euros and Francs and then sent to Iran. Sound familiar? Yeah, we’re betting on money laundering too!

“If a private company had done this, this is called money laundering. The CEO would be in jail right now,” he said. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the Justice Department objected this, but no action was taken. This just shows how rotten and fishy Obama’s administration was. There was a detailed explanation of the process in Forbes, which resulted in the release of 4 American prisoners the day after.

While rogue military leaders from Iran call this money ransom, Obama claims that it was a negotiated settlement from an arms deal signed in 1979. Although many people compare this situation to Iran-Contra which nearly destroyed Reagan’s administration, it was just another day in the office for Obama and his friends.

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