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Assange Destroys Hillary Clinton In His Most Provocative Interview Ever [Watch]

Julian Assange has given Hillary Clinton his final blow before the elections, during his interview earlier this week with John Pilger, Australian journalist and filmmaker. The WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief, gave his most provocative interview so far, elaborating on the thousands of email released on WikiLeaks this past year, pointing out the things he found most interesting and important. Assange feels that from the plethora of controversial emails WikiLeaks has published, the ones about Clinton’s links to Saudi Arabia and Qatar who she knew were funding the Islamic State and other radical jihadist groups in the Middle East are the most significant.

Moreover, Clinton’s Foundation has accepted millions of dollars from these countries, at times they were even demanding large sums for access to her and her husband. According to the emails, just five minutes with Bill Clinton costed a Qatari representative a whopping sum of 1 million dollars, while Hillary received 12 million dollars just to show up at a party hosted by the Moroccan government. Pilger commented that the fact that “the notorious terrorist group called ISIL or ISIS is created largely with money from the very people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation” was an “extraordinary” discovery.

Assange’s interview was not short of sarcastic comments against Clinton and her crimes in the past. But he was quick to comment that he actually feels “quite sorry for Hillary Clinton as a person” because she seems to have been “eaten alive by [her] ambitions, tormented literally to the point where [she became] sick.”

Additionally, Assange commented on the allegations that WikiLeaks has partnered up with the Russians in support of Hillary’s opponent Donald Trump. He responded that Trump “would not be permitted to win” as the “establishment,” comprised of big banks, intelligence agencies, arms companies, foreign money, the media, and even journalists themselves, are “all united behind Hillary Clinton.” He went on to confirm what many had already suspected, that the leaks did not come from Russia and that Clinton’s accusations to the contrary were just “neo-McCarthy hysteria.” He added that WikiLeaks has leaked more than 800,000 documents connected to the Russian government, the majority of them being critical, which is direct proof that neither WikiLeaks nor Assange has any kind of relationship to the country.

He then spoke about his asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy, the false charges against him and many other subjects. Many US politicians including President Obama emphasize that “freedom of speech,” is very important and is an integral part of their society, Assange’s situation, as well as Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden’s, is just a proof of how that freedom of speech in America is only permitted if it doesn’t expose the many crimes of the US government.

Here’s the full interview:

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