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Alternative and Conventional Way of Treating Anorexia

If one of the people in your life suffers from anorexia, it is your task to take them to the doctor as soon as possible.

Anorexia can cause some serious complications. The longer the person remains in this underfed state, the greater the risk that their heart, brain and kidneys get some serious harm that cannot be restored.

Anorexia nervosa can become a chronic disease, which is very hard to treat. That it why one should react right away and try to make the person that suffers from anorexia visit the doctor as soon as possible.

If treated properly, the anorexic person can restore their healthy eating habits and annul the consequences of the disease.

Treating Anorexia

The person that suffers from anorexia should be treated completely. The treatment should include a doctor, a psychologist, and a nutritionist with experience in treating people with eating disorders.

If the disease has reached an advanced stage and the life of the patient is threatened, they should be immediately hospitalized because of the dehydration, the electrolytes imbalance of the blood (which endangers the function of the heart) and because of the mental problems.

The Conventional Treatment of Anorexia Includes:

  • Medical observation – anorexia can lead to numerous complications and that is why most of the anorexia cases require regular observation of the vital functions and the level of body dehydration of the patient, as well as observation of their mental condition. This is usually done by the family doctor, who needs to coordinate the care about the patient in collaboration with a team of experts or a psychologist.
  • The doctor should decide whether the patient needs to be psychiatrically hospitalized, or they can stay at home and attend a therapy. Individual therapy can be of great help to the patient to correct their behavior and change the way of thinking.

Family therapy is important if the patient is a child that lives with its parents. This method is pretty efficient in solving family conflicts which are the result of the behavior of the anorexic person.

Group therapy can also give good results if the group offers help and support to the patient. However, you need to be cautious, as the group therapy can sometimes have reversed effect. The patient can start competing with the rest of the patients in skinniness.

  • Nutritive therapy. The nutritionist will suggest a proper diet for the patient. The nutritionist can make a diet plan for the patient and calculate the number of calories the patient should take in order to start gaining weight. When it comes to more serious cases, the anorexic person must take in food through a special pipe, which is installed in the nose and leads to the patient’s stomach.
  • There are no medications for treating anorexia on the market. The anorexia is usually accompanied by depression and anxiety, so the patients often need to take antidepressants. The doctor will most likely also prescribe vitamins and minerals so that the lack of these nutrients in the body is compensated.
  • In case of some serious complications, mental problems, great undernourishment, dehydration, irregular work of the heart or stubborn food resistance, the patient can be hospitalized.

There are hospitals that are specialized for treating people with eating disorders. Such hospitals are the best for treating anorexia.

How Alternative Medicine Treats Anorexia

Just like the conventional medicine, the alternative medicine also offers a compete treatment of anorexia.

The alternative treatment of anorexia includes:

  • Examination of the patient

The doctor is going to examine the person and determine if the anorexia has caused any damage. Then, appropriate therapy and remedies are going to be prescribed in accordance with the examination and the diagnosis.

  • Therapy for improvement of the mental state

Taking in consideration that anorexia is a mental disease you should know that the doctor will focus on eliminating the cause of the disease. They will choose a treatment that will correct the mental state of the patient.

There are several types of these treatments. In my sister’s case, those types of treatments were sirodhara and hara.

  • The doctor is going to prescribe some natural remedies that will compensate the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body of the patient, restore their strength and their mental balance.
  • Nutritive therapy. The doctor will certainly prescribe a diet that will improve both the physical and the mental state of the patient. It is extremely important that the patient sticks to this diet.

Additionally the Doctor May Suggest:

  • Breathing exercises. These exercises are really efficient and completely free. They are especially efficient in cases of mental disorders, as they calm the mind, and bring in happiness and peace.
  • If the doctor has a jyotisha degree (ancient art of writing and interpreting horoscope), they can examine the horoscope of the patient and determine the karmic cause of the disease. They will recommend uttering certain mantras which will prevent the negative effects of the planets.

Correction of the rooms. There is an ancient science about the proper construction of the house in accordance with the natural laws, called Vastu. Sometimes, the improper construction can cause some serious health issues. If you want, you can have a Vastu epert examine the rooms in your house and correct them with the help of jantras and pyramids.

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