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In 1974 Scientists Sent This Message Into Space, But In 2001 We Received SHOCKING Response!

In 1974, the great Carl Sagan sent a broadcast called the Arecibo message in space through radio waves in hopes of discovering extraterrestrial life. The message was the most powerful radio broadcast at the time – it was a million times stronger than the usual TV broadcast. The Arecibo message was directed to a star cluster 25 000 light years away from Earth in the hope that aliens would intercept it and send out a similar response.

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The message contained our location in the star system, the core principles of math and science, the antenna used to transmit the signal and other characteristics that would be understood by an advanced alien civilization. It also included our physical appearance and our DNA code. The Arecibo message was all the rage back when it was launched, but became forgotten in just a few years, until a shocking crop circle seemingly unrelated to it appeared in UK in 2001.

The crop circle appeared in Chilbolton next to the UK’s largest telescope and observatory, where the world’s largest steerable meteorological radar is installed. The pattern was considered most impressive, and unlike other crop circles it carried a message from space! While many dismissed it as another hoax, the Chilbolton crop circle was a response to the Arecibo message!


The pattern contained alien DNA, the image of the sender, their location in another solar system and a microwave antenna. Just a year before, in 2000, a crop circle with an unknown shape appeared next to the Chilbolton crop circle, and no one thought anything of it until the puzzle was put together in 2001. Three days later after the first crop circle in 2001, another appeared with what seemed to be a face. says that the decimal equivalents of the binary code on the crop circle were the same from the Arecibo message, but the atomic numbers of the elements vital for life were altered. Silicon, an element with an atomic number of 14, was added precisely in the correct sequence – between oxygen (atomic number 8) and phosphorus (atomic number 15). In 1969, the late Ben Volcani, a renowned microbiologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, found out that silicon plays the main role in Carbon based lifeforms. His and his colleagues’ work showed that silicon is present in most alien lifeforms as well as in our cell structure.

The authenticity of the crop circle that appeared in Chilbolton is still not confirmed. However, a big group of people believes in it, and claim that we receive similar messages every day.

Here’s how Sagan described the Arecibo message himself 4 years after the launch:

“The decoded message forms a kind of pictogram that says something like this:

‘Here is how we count from one to ten. Here are five atoms that we think are interesting or important: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus. Here are some ways to put these atoms together that we think interesting or important – the molecules thymine, adenine, guanine and cytosine, and a chain composed of alternating sugars and phosphates.

These molecular building blocks are put together to form a long molecule of DNA comprising about four billion links in the chain. The molecule is a double helix. In some way, this molecule is important for the clumsy looking creature at the center of the message. That creature is 14 radio wavelengths or 5 feet 9.5 inches tall.

There are about four billion of these creatures on the third plant from our star. There are nine planets altogether, four big ones toward the outside and one little one at the extremity. This message is brought to you courtesy of a radio telescope 2,430 wavelengths or 1,004 feet in diameter.

Yours truly.’”

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